Five Trends (Part 1)

Today's blog is all about trends and how you can find them at Treasures N Junk. This is going to be a two part series, so we will cover five trends this week and then five more next week.

We all know that in the fashion world there are trends, but did you know that the same exists in the antique world? These antique trends vary from furniture to clothing and once they are popular, it is hard to get your hands on these items. Here are five trends that are in right now and that you should get on before it is too late!

The first trend is mason jars. You have probably seen them everywhere lately, but there is so much to do with them. You can craft with them, put fresh flowers in them, store your collections in them. The options are endless and we have a ton of mason jars at TNJ for great prices!

 Our next trend is the color blue. Blue is such a versatile color that goes with anything and you can pair it with any color to add a pop of color to a room.  While flipping through any magazines at the moment, you will notice the color blue everywhere! It can be seen on walls, pillows, dishes, and so on. It is such a timeless color that can really be embraced.

The next trend also involves color, but not just one color. This one is all about bright pops of color. Not pastels, but bright colors! Any color that makes you happy when you look at it qualifies. With fall coming up, you may be questioning why this is a trend and why we aren't embracing the warmer colors, but why not add a little bit of color to a dull room. When a room looks happy, your mood is sure to also be happy. 

This next trend is by far our favorite trend! It is all about vintage maps as a form of art right now. The simplicity and uniqueness will definitely make a statement in any room. There are so many different types of maps that range anywhere from pull downs to pictorial maps. With all these options, you are sure to find one that will fit your style.

Our last trend for today is copper and brass. This trend has been around for a while, but it still has not ended. These are such versatile pieces that can work in any type of space. Our favorite style to decorate with copper and brass is with mid-century decor. 

Stay tuned for next weeks post with five more trends that you can find at TNJ!


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