Re-purposing: DIY Projects

One of our favorite things about antiques is that you can re-purpose almost anything. You may think that the piece that you fell in love with has no purpose at your house, but think again. Today we are going to show you five projects. Some are simple, some involve a tad bit more labor, but are worth it! We have the pieces for each of these projects here at Treasures N Junk, so stop on by to get a start.
If you love the idea, then click on the first picture of each project and you will be brought to the directions for each DIY as well as the sites of the people who came up with these wonderful ideas.

Our first re-purposing project is one of our favorites because it is very unique. Show your friends your love for traveling with this quick DIY!

This project has so many possibilities and can be a cheaper option to redo a bathroom. You can use a table, dresser, vanity, and so much more. This project requires a little more manual labor, but it is worth it in the end. It will give your bathroom the unique look that you have been dying to have.

Turning a door into a bookshelf is a great way to take advantage of a small space. Not only will this fill an empty corner in any room, but it will also hold all of your treasures. You can find vintage doors everywhere throughout our store for a great price, so stop on by to get a start on this project! 

This project is a great example of turning something old into something modern. All this requires is a box, power strip, wood, and a drill. You can use virtually any object that is a box, which makes this totally customizable. There are a variety of objects that can be found at TNJ for this quick project!

This last project does not have to be a succulent garden, you can put anything on the shelf that you want. Vintage crates are one of the easiest things to find at TNJ and this project is just as easy. Pick out your favorite soda or even your favorite food and get to work on this adorable shelf!

Last, but not least, we want to welcome all of our newest dealers. We are so excited to have these wonderful people here at TNJ and we can't wait for you to check out their stuff. We also want to showcase some dealers that have new spaces. Here is a look at all things new: