Chippy, Distressed, Weathered, Shabby...

Chippy, distressed, weathered, shabby...the list can go on and on. No matter what word you choose to use, everyone in the antique world will know exactly what you are talking about. This style has been all the rage for years now. When it came into the antique world, it took it by storm and it is still causing a rucuss. Today we will be focusing on this craze and how you can get in on it at TNJ! These pieces are so easy to style and we are going to show you just that.

Such a functional piece! Use it as an island in your kitchen to provide that much needed counter space without making a huge or permanent investment!

This would work great on a patio or you can even put it inside to spice things up!

Use mismatched stools for a different yet pulled together look!

Big vintage trunks are great to use as coffee tables and you can even store all of your blankets inside of them for those cozy TV and ice cream kind of nights!

We just can't get over this table here at TNJ! It is perfect for a man cave!

 Store all of your best and most stylish dishes on the shelves and keep the others hidden below!

Old wheels look great in a garden with ivy growing all over them!

This chair is made out of an old door and it would be perfect for any garden!

 Love that the door knob is still on it!

 This adorable little cabinet is perfect for hiding your treasures!

Both of these low tables will work well in a large space as coffee tables!

 Love the green on this primitive box!

This weathered stool is sturdy and ready for helping you reach your treasures that are high up!

This would be adorable with some vintage suitcases on it!

Use this cabinet as a TV stand in a small space!


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