The beauty of antiques is that they are wonderful to re-purpose! There are so many uses for one piece that it is sometimes hard to decide. We can't get enough of re-purposing antiques at TNJ, so here are a few items at Treasures N Junk that would be great to re-purpose:

This vintage trunk is absolutely stunning and the portraits are beautiful, so closing up this trunk is not an option. Simply displaying this trunk in your living room will really make a statement!

 So many wonderful pieces in one picture!

Old gates and fences are perfect to hang on a wall and display your favorite pictures or notes!

Love all of these garden items! That primitive shelf is a great way to organize a space!

These old washtubs would look great with some plants in them or you can use them at a party to keep your drinks cold!


This stand would be adorable filled with plants!

Such a great piece for inside or outside! 

Love this idea! A great way to re-purpose a piece!

Perfect for a party! Imagine displaying your desserts or drinks on this tea cart! Your guests will rave about it!

 These tractor grilles would look great in a garden or hanging on a wall!

This piece provides so much storage and is a great way to hide all of your treasures!


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