Lots of Treasures!

We have some great items at TNJ right now!! It is definitely worth a trip to TNJ to check out all of these treasures! Make sure you come by soon to get the best pickings! Here is a look at some of the items:

                     Wow! There are so many treasures! You are bound to fall in love with something!

This vintage oil filter cartridge display would be perfect in a garage!

These lockers would look great in a room, a garage, or anywhere that you need more storage!

Put some fire hydrants in your garden and let the plants grow around them. You will have the most unique garden around!

Need some more storage in a room? Put some vintage metal baskets on the shelves and this shelf will solve all your problems!

Perfect for anyone who loves organizing!

These vintage glass milk containers would be adorable displayed in a kitchen!

Hang them, stack them, or leave them on the ground. Either way these cabinets would look great in your house!

The rustic look to these gas pumps really gives them character! 

Hang these on a wall along with some vintage photographs!

Add a basket with some plants in it and place in a garden! The compliments on your garden will never stop coming!

These ladders are so tall! Perfect for a room with high ceilings!

Place these near a pool and the blue from the water will make the blue on the lights pop!

These signs are in such great condition! Come pick them up before they are gone!



This would work great as a nightstand!

A great piece to hide big items!

Need a place to store your kids toys in the backyard, but don't have a shed? This is perfect for that!

This mini table is great for a small space! If you have guests over then don't worry! The table expands if needed!

Stack these suitcases up and you have yourself a table! If you need extra storage then you can put your goodies in the suitcases!

This desk would work great in an office or a little girl's room!

A great new look to an old piece!

Have a big space? These signs are just the right size!

Put it in your house or in the garden! Which ever way you display this piece it will look adorable!


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