Treasure Alert!

 Treasure Alert! Holiday items are quickly coming through the door here at TNJ, but they won't be here for long. Make sure you come before it is all gone! Also, many of our decorations are fall themed so you can leave them out until Thanksgiving! More bang for your buck!

Whether you use this bench at a patio table or in a garden, it would be a great addition to your house!

This is a 1930-40s Abercrombie and Fitch pet carrier! Their products have sure slimmed down since the 1930s!

This smaller sized desk would be perfect for a small space!

This patio table is absolutely adorable!

A great piece for organization!

Having a carnival themed party anytime soon? This would be perfect!

This 1970s-1980s bubble gum machine is so unique! It would be adorable in a little boy's room!

Do you have a hard time remembering where you planted your vegetables? These markers will help keep your organized!

Are you one that likes to plan ahead? Well we already have you covered for Christmas. Stopped by to get ahead on your Christmas decorations!


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