What's Better?

What is better than spending Memorial Day at the River? Well going to TNJ for the Memorial Day Sale of course! Almost every dealer will be running an amazing sale along with some yummy treats to enjoy while you are shopping! The store opens at 10 AM and we hope to see you there!

We have some of the best stuff to get you ready for Memorial Day!!

What an adorable kids car!

This fan is sure to cool off any room and look great while it is doing it!

These would look so great in a garden between real flowers!

These jars would be prefect for storing little goodies!

The final product! We even discovered a window during the process!

This trailer would look awesome with a logo on the side of it!

How cute would these be to decorate with?

The patio is still a work in progress, but it continues to look better everyday! We are currently in the process of adding a town in our new patio!


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