Bigger and Better!

We are under more construction! We are currently in the process of adding more spaces to our store! Don't worry, we are still open during all of this construction! We are always looking for ways to make our store both bigger and better! Here is a look at some of our improvements in progress:  


Our patio is almost done!!

 Adding some character!

This is going to look so great once the bushes start growing on the fence!

Aren't the vintage TVs so much cuter than modern day ones?

Does anyone remember these from their childhood? 

Did you know that old suitcases are perfect for storage? They look cute displayed in a room, but inside you can store all of your goodies that don't have a place in your home!

These always look great displayed in a room and they look even better when there is multiple!

This has so much storage! Perfect for decluttering a room!

This lamp would add a pop of color to any room!

This couch would add a clean and sleek look to any room!


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