Think Outside The Box!

Treasures N Junk is filled with so many... well, Treasures! It is always fun to think outside the box when it comes to using antiques. Here are some ideas below on what you can do with your antiques from Treasures N Junk:

This would be so cute in an office with pens, pencils, etc in it!

So cute! What is a sheep without legs?... A cloud!

Love the wall! Such a cute Idea. We have the best dealers!

So cool! Comment below on what you would do with this!

Such a good idea!

Cute displays are so inspiring!

Industrial space! The latest trend!

Wouldn't these be so cute for your bathroom with your extra toilet paper rolls put on them?

So many possibilities! From a bedroom, to a game room...

Look at this amazing $5 shelf! It has so many good deals!


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