Nifty things at Treasures N Junk!

There are so many odds and ends here at Treasures N Junk! You never know what you will find! If you see anything you like you better come quick! Things go out the door faster than they come in! Here is a look at some of the nifty things that you can find at Treasures N Junk!

Look at the stools! So creative!

New Library in progress at TNJ!

Too cute! I want to ride around in it!

This would be so cool in an entertainment room!

What would you do with this? Comment below! There are so many possibilities!

This would be perfect in a garden, or maybe in a restaurant?

This looks like so much fun! There is a chicken and a duck... perfect for siblings to fight over! 

A wall of cans! Find one that you like?


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