Hop on by the shop this month ~

The one thing that never, ever happens at Treasures N Junk

is boredom! You can wander around and never, ever get tired of

looking. Thanks to our Treasures N Junk family they keep us all,

entertained with their daily"eye candy"!

And I love seeing those "younglings" at the shop,

it's good to know that the spirit will live on....

Enjoy ~

From our family to you & yours ~

"Good Friends are rare. But you?

An endangered species."

Blessings to you daily, have a wounderful week!


  1. Hi everyone, I just love T n J. It is the best! And you won't find a place that the employees will treat you any better. They are the best bunch of folks. You don't find their kind of hospitality around much these days. The dealers are great and so friendly. I personally know they work hard to keep new stock and great prices. If you haven't visited ...then what are you waiting for. Get in the car and get going....I promise you, you won't be disappointed! And there is a great unknown {haha]secret about this mall....shhhhh, don't tell, it is where the DEALERS SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! But remember don't tell. It is a huge place so plan on several hours, pack a few granola bars or get an ice cream treat from their cooler. And one last thing....don't forget your $$$$$$ because you won't be leaving empty handed.
    Have fun and Sweet Blessings to all, Abbey