Get Your Fall Fix

It still does not feel like fall here in Southern California and it does not look like it is going to change anytime soon. There are two ways you can still get that fall fix without the weather:

1. Bake some yummy fall treats
2. Change up the decor in your house

To find some yummy recipes, we recommend searching Pinterest. Some of the best recipes out there can be found just through a quick search on Pinterest!

To change up your decor, we recommend stopping by TNJ. Changing up your decor does not mean just adding fall decorations. Of course we recommend this and TNJ has some of the best decorations around, but you can also do this by switching out your furniture. Adding in a few rustic pieces automatically creates a warm feeling in your house. To add a little more fall to your decor, add some cozy, textured blankets and light a candle.

Your Southern California house will feel a little bit more like fall in no time! Here are a few great fall pieces and decorations that you can find at Treasures N Junk:


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