Spring Cleaning

Come on down to TNJ because we have a ton of new stuff! Spring cleaning is done and there are new items everywhere! Don't miss out on the great items that are coming in everyday!

                                                       Come check out these new spaces!

Perfect for summer!

Pyrex is the best cooking ware around! It is very sturdy!

Such great storage!

Loving the pop of color on these pieces!

Use this vintage fridge as extra storage for your house. Plus it will look very unique!

 You just can't buy new things with the same quality and look like this at the store anymore!

Love the tiles on this piece!

This is going to go fast! Perfect for any collector!

More gas items!

A great quality table that you just can't pass up!

So many new signs! If you are a collector then you need to head down here soon to check them out!

What a statement piece!