Lots of great changes are happening here at TNJ! We have some wonderful new dealers and some of our current dealers have moved to other spaces in the store! All of these spaces are guaranteed to have something you will fall in love with! Here is a look at these new spaces:

  A great mix of vintage and modern! Some great refurbished pieces along with adorable lacy items!

A great place to find original items! There is a great mix between manly and girly here!

A space full of holiday cheer!

A great place to find trinkets and treasures! Especially refurbished ones!

A great place to brighten your winter blues!

 Give this to a friend for Christmas or treat yourself!

A great gift for one of your friends!

Vintage is the way to decorate for Christmas!

Use this adorable door to display your Christmas cards!

Aluminum trees never really did go out of style!

Perfect for any yard!

Vintage wheelchairs don't have the same comfort as modern ones, but you can't beat their style! 

This piece is beautiful! Pick it up before it's gone!


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