Last Reminder

This is the last reminder for our Annual Holiday Sale! It is this Saturday November 16th and this Sunday November 17th.  It is a great opportunity to pick up some Christmas presents or get some decorations. Here is a small look at some of the great items at TNJ right now:

Love the vintage look!

These would be so adorable in the front yard!

So cute!

Great little trinkets!

A cute variation to the standard Christmas tree!

The perfect little sled for a photographer or to display!

Great for any cat lover!

Cute display! 

Display this tool box in your house or use it to store your treasures!

Pink and green are always a great mixture!

 Our dealers always keep their spaces full!

This vintage still is in great condition!

This vintage showcase is perfect for displaying any collection!

We have a huge variety of vintage gas company items!

Yet another sign that is in great condition!

Use these stools at a bar or as extra seating in your house! 

Put cork board or wood with chalkboard paint and these doors will have a new use!


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