One of the best things about antiques is refurbishing. It is so easy to take a piece from drab to fab by refurbishing it and it is a great opportunity to add your own personal style to it. At TNJ we have a wide variety of furniture that is ready for you to to make your own! Also, a reminder that our annual Labor Day Sale is almost here on Monday September 2nd! You don't want to miss it!

                                 This piece would be great as neutral color with a pop of color on the backboard!

These would look great as is or painted your favorite color!

These doors are perfect for chalkboard paint! 

 If you don't have very much time on your hands, but you love the refurbished look there is always another option! Many of our dealers sell already refurbished furniture for a great price!

Both of these pieces look great as is, but they would also look great with a touch of your style! 

Paint a coat of white over this cupboard and then lightly sand down the edges! The hint of blue paint will definitely bring out many compliments from guests when they walk into your home!


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