Our Latest Find!

Our latest find at TNJ is this retro car! It is in great condition and it will go quickly! If you are interested you can contact us by calling (909) 983-3300. The info on the car can be found in the picture below!


Perfect for any collector!


This would be adorable hanging in a baby's room!

These sturdy gates would be perfect for blocking off a driveway!

This vintage cedar chest would look great at the foot of a bed filled with blankets or memories!

Great to put in the kids' room as a place for them to do homework!

You can stack them up to make a book shelf, flip them over and use them as a table, or even use them to store the kids' toys! Old boxes have so many uses!

A hidden treasure!

These old baby clothes would be perfect for photographers! They would instantly add a vintage look to the pictures!  

This bike is in great condition and the basket on the front makes decorating possibilities endless!

Refurbishing this table really made the details pop out! This would look amazing in a shabby chic living room! 

This would be great to add extra counter space in the kitchen!

Need any dinnerware? These three shelves are all half off! What a deal!


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