Eat, Drink, Shop!

Now that the weather is warming up stop by TNJ for a little shopping spree! Grab an ice cold soda or maybe an ice cream from our coolers and shop around a bit! Here is a look at some of our newest treasures in the store!

A great primitive cabinet!

This would be so great at a square kitchen table!

Perfect for the Fourth of July!

So funny, but so adorable!

What a versatile piece! It can be used in a kitchen, office, living room, and so much more!

A great table to give a room a manlier or industrial vibe!

These would be perfect to give gifts in!

Some of our newest finds! 

We have a ton of vintage toy metal cars at the moment! If you don't find what you like just ask! We are bound to have at least one that you will fall in love with!


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