A unique experience at TNJ is that we have such a huge variety. For example, if you are on the hunt for the perfect table for your dining room, then TNJ is the place to go. When you come to TNJ you will find many different tables to choose from. You are bound to find the perfect one here! Come by TNJ soon to end your long shopping search!

We have a huge assortment of patio tables here! This is a just a small example:

All of these bikes have such character! You are bound to find the perfect one for you!

Here is yet another small example of variety!

These cast iron balls are very interesting. Comment below on how you would use these!

 This is absolutely perfect for a small space!

This table is so beautiful and incredibly sturdy!

Wow, this flour dispenser is in great condition!

A wonderful and intriguing way to display an old fence!


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