Memorial Day Sale!

Did you know that our annual Memorial Day sale is on Monday May 28? Some of the dealers are even starting to put up their discount signs now. Make sure to stop by TNJ this week as well as Memorial Day to see all of the amazing deals!

Aren't these signs just so cool? You can do so much with them! 
You could hang them in a boy's room, a garden, and some much more!

This looks like so much fun!

This is a very cool cupboard! This would be perfect for a garage, living room, 
and many more places!

Such a cute window!

What a beautiful buffet!

There are so many possibilities for chicken coop walls! These work 
great as a jewelry rack!

Chicken feeders...What would you do with these? Comment below
 with your ideas!

These would be perfect for a spare room turned into a mini theater! 

We have a canoe in our store? 

A great way to store your spools of thread!


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