Hidden Treasures!

There is so much to see at Treasures and Junk! Spaces are constantly being redecorated and new goodies are always being brought in. Many of our customers don't know about some of the "hidden treasures" here at TNJ. Look at the Pictures below to get a peek of them:

New Space!

Hidden Treasure:
Did you know that we have a space in the back that is 50% off all the time!

Here is one of the treasures in the space!

This would look really cute at the front of an antique bed!

Hidden Treasure:
Have you ever seen our town out on the patio?

Here is one of the buildings.

There is a space inside each of the buildings!

Hidden Treasure:
We also have a trailer that has items both inside and outside!

Perfect for the kids to do their arts and crafts!

Isn't this so neat?

Contains all the necessities of a garden!

Look at all of these crates! They are only $15 each! What a deal!


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