Getting Ready / Holiday Sale Next Weekend!

Okay You "Little Rascals"

Your all invited to 

Treasures N Junk

Holiday Sale next weekend

Saturday Nov. 12 & Sunday Nov 13
10 am - 5 pm sharp

Pick up a little something for yourself,
you'll be glad you did!

Cool Bottles ~

Pool anyone?


Brushes for you! 

Type me a letter.

The Mr. & Miss and baby too.

Hey the cops want to talk to you!

Raggedy, please sit in the chair the right way.

Hanging locks.

Can you say accent piece for the HOLIDAY Season, 
right underneath the christmas tree.

Green Elf!

Blue cups anyone?

Cool glass pieces for your art projects.

A punch bowl of decanters for you.

Lets fly away, today!

Lounge around on this, baby!

I would like to say "Thank You" to 
Miss Judy Mann (dealer #1)
for taking the time to chat with me.

Judy used to be a wedding planner for years
and now that she has come away from that profession,
she is enjoying her time working thru her antique collection
and sharing her finds with us. What keeps Judy going is the 
thrill of the find, "howing exciting it is to find that one of a kind item".
However, as we all know, desision time comes to either 
sell it at the shop or keep, to add to your personal collection.

Judy, your a doll! Keep up the great work
in your space and were bless to know you.

From your family here at
Treasure N Junk

Contact Andrea Harris
at cell (714) 309-8611 or 

Photos, and interview by 
blogspot, facebook, and website editor...


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